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Our end of the year sale is quickly approaching.  Call to inquire about used 2010 ClackaCraft driftboats, rafts, and Fish Cat Pontoons. 

Ask for Tim at 1-800-800-4350



 ClackaCraft 16' Low Profile Mega Box - $6495

ClackaCraft has incorporated ideas and suggestions from top guides and fly fishermen from throughout the nation in our 16' Low Profile.  Shortly after it was introduced, the 16' LP became one of our top-selling models.

The 16' LP offers many advantages for the angler: the lower sides make the boat easier to row in windy conditions, easy to get in and out of, and give the rower better visibility.  The 16' LP is a very spacious boat.

Designed to be the "Ultimate" fly fishing boat, the 16' LP has all the features ever needed in a working boat.  It comes standard with under the bow storage, lockable dry storage pedestals with padded fold-down seats front and rear, and level floors.  One of the built-in rod holders is reversed so that anglers can easily reach their rod from either the front or back casting positions.

With a 16' 5" centerline length, you will have maximum separation between anglers and plenty of room for coolers and tackle bags.
Gunwales 18'
Centerline 16' 5"
Beam 78"
Oar Lock Height 23"
Bottom Width 56"
Side Height 19"
Weight Approx. 270 lbs.
Motor 10 H.P.








Kayak: Heritage Red Fish 10 ft. - $459

Between the stern tank well, and the oval bowl hatch for dry storage, the RedFish 10 has plenty of easily accessible storage space.  It also boasts carry handles for easy transport, our new DVCTM (drains, vents, cushions) Seating System and footbraces for all day comfort, and (4) drain plugs to minimize water that can pool around your feet making it easier to paddle.  The DVCTM Seating System has raised the standard for kayak seats.  The HiFlowTM 3-D Mesh (patent pending for watercraft) Drains, Vents, and Cushions paddlers' ride for hours on end.  It is 100% recyclable, requires no chlorofluorocarbons (emissions which damage Earth's ozone layer) during it's manufacture, and the light color Textilene® solar screen fabric stands up to the sun's rays and stays cool on a hot day!

Retails for $529 you save $70

Length: 10' (305cm)
Width: 30" (76cm)
Depth: 12” (30cm)
Kayak Weight: 46 lbs. (21kg)
Cockpit Length: 53” (135cm)
Cockpit Width: 18.5” (47cm)
Bow Hatch Length: 9.25” (23cm)
Bow Hatch Width: 9.25” (23cm)
Stern Well Length: 24” (61cm)
Stern Well Width: 15” (38cm)
Capacity: 325 lbs. (147kg)

Suggested Usage
Fishing: Excellent
Recreational: Excellent
Touring: Excellent
Extended Touring: Good
Small ponds: Excellent
Lakes: Excellent
Light Ocean: Excellent
River (1-2) : Excellent
Maneuverability: Excellent
Tracking: Excellent





Native Ultimate 12 ft. - $850

Popular for all forms of recreational paddling, the Ultimate™ 12 can be taken into a wide range of environments.  It has generous storage space for paddling, fishing, photography, or camping equipment and an array of features including cup holders, arm rests, and comfortable carry handles to enhance every day on the water.  Optional rudder is available.


Retails for $969, you save $119

Length: 12' 1" / 368 cm
Width: 30" / 76 cm
Weight: 55 lbs / 25 kg







 2012 Maxxon 14' Self Bailer w/ Frame - $2,878

2012 Maxxon 14' Self Bailer with an NRS Frame

  • 2- 9' Oars
  • Pump and Patch Kit
  • Limited Use
  • Other sizes available             
















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